Surfing in Bafureira, Cascais, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Wave Direction:
Right and left
Wave Type:
Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world and it is situated in Portugal. It is the capital and the largest city of the country, lying in the western Iberian Peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean and the River Tagus.

Bafureira is a beautiful beach, situated near the city of Lisbon. The beach is kind of easy to find and it is in the city only a short walking distance. The place is great with good wave, probably the best in the Estoril Coast.

If you decide to surf there, be ready to paddle, but please be careful with the two sets of rocks, which can be spotted at low tide. The beach is great when the tide is falling and the waves break farther and farther, so paddling is essential! Note that it is well worth it though.

Usually, the wave breaks regularly, making the spot good for all levels of surfers. The wave type is point-break and waves have good both rights and lefts.

Fun power waves give a wave length between 50 and 150 m/164 and 492 ft on normal days that can reach up to 300 m/984.3 ft on good days.

When the conditions are right and the wind blows from the north, northwest or west and the swell comes from the southwest or south, then the place rocks!! The swell usually starts working at 1 – 1.5 m/3 – 5 ft and holds up to 3+ m/10+ ft.

Although the place is popular, you meet few surfers trying to ride the waves on week days, while at weekends it gets crowded. Some of the dangers include rips/undertow and rocks. Bafureira is a great place and totally worth a visit!