Surfing in Clifford Kamph Memorial Park, Crescent City, California USA

Wave normal length:
164 ft/50 m
Good days wave:
164 to 492 ft/50 to 150 m
Wind direction:
Swell size:
1 m/3 ft to 2 m+/6 ft+
Clifford Kamph Memorial Park is located near Crescent City, on the west side of Highway 101, at 4.8 mi/7.7 km of Smith River, Del Norte County, California, USA.

The park lies on a bluff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is a sandy small beach, appropriate for walking and surfing for all kind of surfers. Wave quality is normal and wave frequency is regular. Type of the wave is beach – break and wave direction is right and left.

Bottom of the sea is sandy. Power of the wave is fun. Its normal length is short, up to 164 ft/50 m and on good days is normally 164 to 492 ft/50 to 150 m. Good swell direction is northwest, west and southwest and good wind direction is east. Swell size starts at less than 1 m / 3 ft and holds up to 2 m+ / 6 ft+.

Best tide position is all tides. Surfers should watch out for rips / underflow and sharks.