Surfing in East Hampton Main Beach, Long Island, New York USA

Wave Quality:
Regional Classic
Wave Type:
Goood swell direction:
Good wind direction:
The Village of East Hampton is a village in the town of East Hampton, New York, US. It is located in Suffolk County, on the South Fork of eastern Long Island.

East Hampton is famous for its beaches. Main Beach is one of the most well-known beaches of East Hampton, which hosts many visitors every year. Its clean white sand, natural and marine beauty, make this place an all year round paradise. We wholeheartedly recommend to visit Main Beach, which is in the list of Americas Top 10 beaches and enjoy your best vacations. The spot also offers the right conditions for an amazing activity. Surfing!!!!

The spot is quite easy to find, but you have to be aware that during summer months, parking access to the beach is severely restricted. However, you can also get to the beach by bike or on foot. The fact that parking space is limited, prevents crowding. So, visit this spot and enjoy your activity with privacy and the best weather conditions.

Its wave quality is regional classic, the wave type is sand-bar, the wave direction is right and left, the bottom is sandy and the wave’s power is hollow. Best wind direction comes from north. The normal wave length is considered normal (50 to 150 m/164 to 492 ft) and on good days can reach a long rate (150 to 300 m/492 to 984 ft). Good swell direction is north.

While you rest in the glamorous Hamptons, it is very common to come across many celebrities. Just enjoy it and feel like a star!!!