Surfing in Wilson Creek, Crescent City, California USA

Wave power:
hollow and powerful
Wave normal length:
164 feet/50 meters
Wave length on good days:
164 to 492 feet/50 to 150 meters
Swell direction:
Wind direction:
Wilson Creek Beach is located near Klamath, Del Norte County, California, USA.

It is one of the most accessible beaches around and it is one of those points where Highway 101 flirts with the ocean’s edge on the North Coast. The beach is a half mile exposed reef and sheltered beach break that provides with optimum surfing conditions in the summer.

It is a wide, sandy beach, kind of secluded, but it is very good for strolling and also some marvelous tide pools exist at low tide. It is not swimmer friendly, but it has restrooms and picnic tables for visitors who want to have a nice day on the beach. There is a lot of driftwood and it is great for fishing.

It is an excellent spot for all kind of surfers, experienced or not. Wave quality is regional classic and its frequency is sometimes breaking. Type of the wave is beach – break and its direction is right and left. Bottom of the beach is sandy with rocks.

Power of the wave is hollow and powerful. Its normal length is short, up to 164 ft/50 m and on good days it is normally 164 to 492 ft/50 to 150 m. Good swell direction is Northwest, West and Southwest and good wind direction is East. Swell size starts at less than 1 m/3 ft and holds up to 2 m+/6 ft+. Best tide position is all tides.