Surfing in Middleton Beach, Goolwa Town, South Australia Australia

Middleton is the most popular surfing beach in the Adelaide Area, located at 7 km/4.6 mi in the west of Goolwa town.

The long and wide surf zone of that sandy beach (there are partly some rocks as well) creates numerous break points. The spot is supposed to be more suitable for intermediate surfers.

The point break at Middleton Point provides with fairly consistent waves most of the year and one can practice surfing at all tide stages. Due to the partial rocky composition of the beach, the spot is certainly not recommended for the inexperienced practitioners. There are numerous breaks along and across this wide surf zone, with best conditions to have been observed for surfing during moderate swell and northerly winds. For daily surf reports visit Swellnet.

Although Middleton is considered to be one of the most hazardous beaches in South Australia because of the persistent high waves, the beach is moderately safe to swim in the inner surf zone. Do not however swim beyond the first line of breakers as strong currents occupy the trough between the bars. If you have never surfed but always wanted to, then you can attend surf lessons in the spot. These supervised group lessons provide you with the basic and standard skills, information and equipment you need to acquire in order to ride safely the Middleton waves.

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