Snorkeling in Point Turton, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia Australia

Maximum depth:
Point Turton is a delightful town which overlooks the calm waters of Hardwicke Bay. The town is situated only two and a half hours from Adelaide and it offers miles of white sand beaches, reefs for walking and shell collecting opportunities.

For those who craves for some water sports, the bay offers excellent conditions all year long for snorkeling, due to its geographical sheltered seat of the spot. The town’s jetty goes down to 6 m/19 ft depth while the surrounding beaches offer some rocky environment snorkeling. The spot is ideal for amateur divers and while experienced ones would go for a relaxing diving.

Point Turton’s jetty is one of the best jetties on the western side of the peninsula. Because it is in a sheltered corner, this site can be dived year round. Walk down the jetty to the steps to enter. It also makes for a fantastic night dive, where you can see pyjama squid, all kinds of gobies and blennies, plenty of worms and lobsters and lots of nudibranchs.

An alternative dive at Point Turton is further west of the jetty, where the rocky reef is really worthy to explore. Enjoy the serene scenery of Point Turton and release all your stress by the seaside restaurants, cabanas, and cafes of Point Turton.