Scuba Diving in Zanoni Shipwreck, Ardrossan, South Australia Australia

Sea Current:
The Zanoni Shipwreck, located at 10 nautical miles off the coast of Ardrossan, is one of the well preserved shipwrecks in Australia and one of the most complete 19th century's shipwrecks in South Australia.

This 338 tons barque was manufactured in Liverpool, England, in 1865 and arrived at Port Adelaide on 13 January 1867. Nearly a month later, laden with wheat and setting sail for London, the ship sank after getting into a violent storm.

However the shipwreck has not been discovered until 1983, when a fisherman asked two divers to investigate a likely spot for fishing. This discovery has since lead to the site being surveyed by archaeologists and a number of artifacts being recovered, currently exhibited in the Ardrossan National Trust Museum.

People interested in diving can obtain permits from the Maritime Heritage Branch of the Department for Environment and Heritage. The wreck is located at 18 m/59 ft below sea level and the spot is recommended for advanced divers. It can be tricky to dive, because of tidal currents that can cause visibility to drop instantly, because of the wreck’s position at the top of the gulf.

However, the dive site is a marine reserve so expect tons of fish! For more information on  the “Zanoni”, visit the Ardrossan Museum – Open Sundays and Public Holidays from 2.30pm- 4.30pm or by appointment.