Surfing in Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia Australia

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Marion Bay is on the doorstep to some of the best beaches in Australia that host a rich maritime history. Marion Bay is located in Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

In fact, the spot becomes very popular lately among surfers and Yorke Peninsula is now even hosting major surfing competitions, like the Cutloose Quicksilver Classic, South Australia’s most known surfing event.

In Marion Bay, Yorke Peninsula, surfers can find all types of waves. No matter the level of your surfing skills, a beginner, an amateur, or an advanced surfer, Yorke Peninsula offers the appropriate conditions for practitioners of all levels of difficulty.

Because of the size of the breaks here, surfers are advised to hit the waves, only if there is a lifeguard presence. Even if you are an experienced surfer, you are strongly advised to abide yourself by this rule.

If you are not sure about the surfing conditions, then ask the lifeguard for a piece of advice. Accommodation options and leisure activities are located around the spot, while the Innes National Park gives you a good chance to redefine your touch with nature.