Surfing in Pondalowie Bay, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia Australia

Skill level:
Wave direction:
Right and left
Marion Bay is on the doorstep to some of the best beaches in Australia that host a rich maritime history. The main surf break at Pondalowie Bay is a popular quality wave. The wave is a combination of left and right peak that break over a reef and sandy bottom.

The left peak is good up to at the 4th min of surf riding. The right peak starts to become good between 3′ and 8′ or plus. The Pondalowie Bay is definitely a destination for a consistent fun long right ride that handles large swells. It also breaks on the left which is of better quality when it is of a small size. The location is ideal for medium skills practitioners.

A second smaller right hand reef break known as ‘Richards Reef’ is located at 250 m/820 ft further in the north along the beach. It was named after Mr Richard Thomas, a famous local surfer and resident of the area. Accommodation options and leisure activities are located around the spot and the wider Marion Bay area, while the Innes National Park gives you a good chance to redefine your touch with nature.