Scuba Diving in Ardrossan Barge, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia Australia

Skill level:
Following the implementation of a Protected Zone around the historic Zanoni shipwreck in 1983, the Australian Department of Fisheries decided to establish a new artificial reef nearby, and acquired an obsolete barge for the purpose.

The Ardrossan Barge measured 140 ft/42.6 m in length, 26 ft/7.9 m width, 13.5 ft/4.1 m depth and had a capacity of 450 cubic yards. The steel barge had 9 watertight compartments and 6 sets of hopper doors, which were originally opened by hand but later converted to hydraulic operation.

The barge had been used to dump spoil from dredging operations in Port Adelaide and most major out-ports, but became surplus to requirements after the commissioning of two self-propelled barges in 1978. On April 11th, 1984 the motorized barge Denis O’Malley towed No. 5 dumb hopper barge to a site one nautical mile south of the Zanoni shipwreck.

The spot is recommended only for advanced scuba-divers who should also keep an eye out for great white sharks, which are common visitors when the snapper run is at its peak.