Surfing in Chinamans, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia Australia

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'Chinamans' is a powerful and hollow left hand reef break, located close to Marion Bay at Yorke Peninsula. The spot breaks in shallow water and washes over a rock shelf. This becomes a high quality wave that is suitable only for skilled surfers and caution should be used when surfing here.

The spot is becoming very popular among surfers and Chinamans is now even hosting major surfing competitions, like the Cutloose Coopers Classic. The event is held every October. If you are an experienced surfer and you are looking for a hair raising surfing experience, then you will definitely want to go to Chinamans.

The breaks here are for expert surfers only. For the best surfing conditions, you may want to surf the waves here if it is on low to medium tide when there is a north to north westerly wind blowing. Because of the size of the breaks here, surfers are advised to hit the waves, only if there is a lifeguard presence.

Even if you are an experienced surfer, you are strongly advised to abide yourself by this rule. Accommodation options and leisure activities are located around the spot, while the Innes National Park gives you a good chance to redefine your touch with nature.