Surfing in Kastro Point, Parga, Epirus Region Greece

Skill level:
Experienced and advanced
Swell size:
1.5m/5ft to 2.5m/8ft and more
Best swell direction:
South, Southwest
Best season:
All year round
Parga is an incredibly beautiful coastal town, located in the northwestern part of Greece, in Epirus region. Fronted by the emerald waters of the Ionian Sea, Parga is a major touristic destination, as it has kept its original Ionian architecture and is surrounded by lush pine forests, ancient Venetian castles, archaeological sites and amazing sandy beaches with a wide variety of activities during the summer months.

Parga has a typical Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and an average temperature of 9 °C/48 °F and hot and dry summers with an average temperature of 32 °C/89.6 °F and many days of sunshine. Favored with many sandy beaches and a wide variety of sea sports, Parga is a great spot for those who want to enjoy the sea and the sparkling sun. However, Parga is also know as one of the best spots in Greece and among the best spots in the Mediterranean for its white crested waves in Kastro Point.

Kastro Point is located in Valtos Beach, one of the longest beaches in the area, with a coastline of 1.8 mi/3 km long. Just underneath the impressive rock, there is the great castle of Parga built. The winds and the sea combined with the large rocks create incredible conditions for surfing and many surf enthusiasts have referred to this place as being the Hawaii of the Ionian.

The wave is point break and has a regional classic quality with regular frequency. The size of the swell starts working from 1.5 m/5 ft and holds up to 2.5 m/8 ft and sometimes more. The powerful waves are taking a left direction and have a normal length, while the bottom of the sea is covered with flat rocks. Kastro point is suitable for experienced and advanced surfers only and can be surfed all year round, when the wind is coming from northeast.

If you are visiting Parga in summer, keep in mind that Valtos is one of the favorite beaches in the area and ultra crowded almost all the time, although bathers avoid the spot under the rock, because it is almost impossible to swim there when the waves are high. The amazing scenery, the large rocks and the awesome waves in Kastro Point will definitely surprise you!!!