Surfing in Oualidia, Safi, Morocco

Skill Level:
Right And Left
Best Wind Direction:
Marrakesh or Marrakech is the fourth largest city in Morocco and one of the busiest cities in whole Africa. It lies close to the foothills of the impressive Atlas Mountains and a few hours away from the famous Sahara Desert. The climate here is classified as hot semi-arid climate, with mild humid winters and dry summers. Marrakesh is well-known for its hospitality, markets, souks and cuisine. The city boasts several museums and sites of historical interest.

Safi is a port city in western Morocco, approximately two hours drive from Marrakesh. It is famous for the long, beautiful beaches and world-class surf spots. The majority of the surf breaks accommodate experienced surfers, but there are many other sites nearby, perfect for surfers of all skill levels. Oualidia is one of them.

It is a sheltered beach and reef break that offers consistent surf. The optimum wind direction is from the southeast and the ideal swell direction is from the northwest. The best surfing period is during winter months, due to bigger swells. In addition, the best tide position is all tides and the ideal tide movement is rising and falling tides. At summer the wind blows offshore 6%, at autumn it blows 17%, at winter 22% and at spring 11%.

Last but not least, there are companies operating on spot that provide lessons and all the necessary equipment, as well as transportation to the surf site. So, visit Oualidia as soon as possible and experience the best surfing ever!!!