Surfing in Point St. George, Crescent City, California USA

Wave power:
fast powerful
Good swell direction:
northwest, west, southwest
Wind direction:
Swell size:
1 m-1.5 m/3 ft-5 ft to 2.5 m+/8 ft+
Point St. George is located in the northwest of Crescent City, west of the Airport, Del Norte County, California, USA.

Point St. George is to the north and the beach is near the end of Pebble Beach Drive (Radio Drive). It is one of the best breaks in the area. It is an exposed rocky shelf, point break and reef. Beach access is not easy, so it is not a popular place for swimming, but it is a popular place for surfers.

Next to the beach, there is a long trail and rocky shoreline from the bluffs. Visitors find razor, beds of little-neck and Washington clams. They also find smelt netting and rock fishing. The beach is in walking distance from Crescent City (about 5 minutes). It is easy to find and accessible.

Wave quality is regional classic and it requires experienced surfers. Frequency of the wave is regular. Type of the wave is reef – rocky and direction is left. Bottom of the sea is reef (sharp rocks, coral etc.). Power of the wave is fast, powerful and fun.

Its regular length is normally 164 to 492 ft/50 to 150 m and on good days it is long, up to 492 to 800 ft/150 to 300 m. Good swell direction is North, Northwest, West, Southwest and good wind direction is Southeast, East. Swell size starts at 1 m – 1.5 m / 3 ft – 5 ft and holds up to 2.5 m+ / 8 ft+.

Best tide position is mid tide and best tide movement is rising and falling tides. Surfers should be alerted for urchins, rips/underflow, rocks and sharks.