Surfing in Jardim do Mar, Calheta, Madeira Portugal

Maximum swell size:
2-3 m (6.5-10 ft)
In the middle of Atlantic ocean, you can find Jardim do Mar, a world's paradise. It is a charming village in the western part of the municipality of Calheta in Madeira, a Portuguese archipelago.

The paths between banana plantations and the vineyards, make you feel that you are in paradise. The name Jardim do Mar or the garden of the sea is owed to the craggy transition  of upright bare slopes in a winsome resort, which in the past used to be covered with wild flowers.

Jardim do Mar is a true paradise or hell for surfers. It is appropriate only for experienced surfers. The wave’s quality is world class, reef-rocky with right direction. The swell size starts working at over 3.5 m/12 ft and holds up to 5 m/16 ft and over. It’s a dangerous spot, but it is the reason that most people visit Madeira.

In summer the wave swell size is 0.5 to 1.3 m/1.5 to 4 ft and the wind blows offshore 40%. In autumn the wind blows offshore 47% and the waves swell size is from  1.3- 2 m/4-6.5 ft to 2-3 m/6.5-10 ft. In winter the waves swell size is  from 1.3-2 m/4-6.5 ft to 2-3 m/6.5-10 ft and the wind blows offshore 45%. In spring, most of the time the waves are from 0.5 m/1.5 ft to 2 m/6.5 ft and the wind s blows offshore 47%.

In Jardim do Mar, there is a surf house, located right in front of the surf break. It can offer everything a surf lover needs. There are other activities that you can do on your spare time and comfortable accommodations.