Bodyboarding in Ponta do Sol, Ribeira Brava, Madeira Portugal

Maximum swell size:
2-3m (6.5-10ft)
Wind blow:
Wave type:
reef break
Ponta do Sol is located in the south coast of the Portuguese island of Madeira. It's the warmest place of the island and the sun shines for most of the time. That's how the spot took its name after, Ponta do Sol or Point of the sun.

It’s a farming area and you can understand this once you see the cultivations of bananas and sugar cane. If you are a religious person or you admire the buildings of 15th century, then you should visit the parish church which is dedicated to N.a Senhora da Luz. The Hispanic-Arabic ceiling of the chapel seems to be really impressive. This building, the only one of its kind in the country, was a gift from the king D. Manuel.

This place is the right for those who love the walk and enjoy the calmness of the nature. The walk along the levadas is amazing. In the Levada Nova da Lombada, you can find various species of flora and you can see some species of birds along the pathway. The levadas, sun, birds, bananas and sugar cane are sure something beautiful.

But for those who want to find beauty in water element of the spot, like waves, then the only thing they should do is to take their body-board and head to the beach. The reef  break works with the right conditions. Autumn and winter are the best months for body-board. In autumn the waves swell size is from 1.3 to 2 m (4-6.5 ft) and at 19% of the time is 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft) and the wind blows offshore at 44%. In winter, the waves swell size is from 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft) and the wind blows offshore at 40%. In spring the waves swell size is from 0.5 to 2 m (1.5-6.5 ft) and 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft) at 16% of the time and the wind blows offshore at 53%. In summer, the wind blows offshore at 41% and we have waves with swell size 0.5-1.3 m (1.5-4 ft).

There are body-board schools at you disposal, with experts who can show you the magic of adrenaline when you are body-boarding. Last, but not least, in Ponta do Sol you can find lovely accommodations for your relax time and other activities that you can do on your spare time.