Surfing in Carolina Beach, New Hanover, North Carolina USA

Wave Type:
Wave Quality:
Wave Direction:
Right and Left
Good Wind Direction:
Good Swell Direction:
Carolina Beach is a town in New Hanover Country, North Carolina, United States. It is partially located in the Wilington metropolitan area. Carolina Beach is worth visiting, as it can offer pleasure, adventure and relaxation to its visitors. If you are looking for a place wich will trigger the best memories of your life, Carolina Beach is the best place to visit. Surrounded by many comfortable hotels and restaurants, this spot is all you need for your relaxation.

Visitors can spend their time either by admiring many attractions or by getting in touch with the marine beauty. The best way to do that is by trying to exercise one of the best sea activities, surfing! It is  widely known that Carolina Beach offers the best weather conditions for this activity, so you just shouldn’t miss it for the world. Not only do you enjoy easy access to this place but you can also take a dip in these clean waters and start a game with the aggressive waves.

The wave type is beach-break, the wave’s quality is normal, the wave’s direction is right and left, the wave’s bottom is sandy and its normal length is short at 50 m/164 ft. The good swell direction is from the west and starts working at 1.0 m-1.5 m / 3 ft-5 ft, holding up to 1 m+ / 3 ft+. The best wind direction is from west. So, be careful of the rocks and enjoy an extraordinary activity. Services like, schools and rental shops are available on spot. Once the sun goes down, a walk on the historic boardwalk with pizza, donuts and ice cream can make you escape from the daily routine.