Surfing in Foz Do Lizandro, Ericeira, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Direction of the wave:
Right and left
Type of the wave:
Beach break
Ericeira is a seaside resort and fishing community, belonging to the municipality of Mafra, situated on the western coast of Portugal. The resort is a popular destination for many surfers since the area hosts more than 40 beaches, offering excellent surfing conditions.

For those looking for more adventure and an adrenaline shelter, Foz do Lizandro is the right place. The spot has pretty good central peaks that can generate good right and lefts. The place works both with low and high tides. During low tides, it is possible to learn how to surf.

For that reason, local schools are there to help you with the experienced and friendly personnel which is fully qualified and ready to teach you the basics. The beach is in the city, at only 5 minutes walking distance and it is very easy to find. The regional classic wave is appropriate for all levels of surfers and it breaks regular.

Its type is beach break and it can be either powerful and ordinary or fun and powerless. In normal days, its length is short only up to 50 m/164 ft long but in good days it can reach up to 150 m/492 ft long. The best direction for the swell is northwest and west and it starts working at 1 – 1.5 m/3 – 5 ft and holds up to 3+ m/10+ ft.

In summer, the waves swell size is most of the time <0.5 m/1.5 ft but in the good days, we have waves with swell size at 1.3-2 m (4-6.5 ft) and the wind blows offshore at 0,6%. In autumn, the wind blows offshore at 7% and the waves swell size, in the good surf days, is from 1.3 to 3 m (4-10 ft). In the winter, the wind blows offshore at 12% and whenever the waves have a temper for games, the swell size is at 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft). In spring, the waves swell size is <0.5 m/1.5 ft and in good days, the swell size is at 1.3-2 m (4-6.5 ft) and the wind blows offshore at 6%.

The place is crowded but the locals are very friendly and waves can usually accommodate numerous surfers. The beach is very nice and not so crowded, appropriate for all kind of surfers, no matter the experience they have. In the vicinity of the spot, there are some nice bar and restaurants where you can eat fresh fish. The spot is very nice and not so difficult. You can surf the entire week without getting bored though.