Surfing in Inatel, Cascais, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Wave Direction:
Wave Type:
Pros or Kamikaze
Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world and it is situated in Portugal. It is the capital and the largest city of the country, lying in the western Iberian Peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean and the River Tagus.

Close to Tamariz beach in Cascais, lies an amazing beach that is suitable for those who appreciate one of the most popular water sports, surfing. Inatel is an easy to find beach with occasional surf breaks. With normal wave quality, this beach is suitable for pros or kamikaze surfers, who want to dominate these furious waves.

The wave type is reef-rocky and the wave comes from the right. Whatever you do, don’t take the left, as it is a very hard wave. Piscina as Inatel is also known has fast, hollow and powerful waves that are short in length, not more than 50 m/164 ft. The bottom of the sea has flat rocks, so be careful.

Dangers on spot include rocks, urchins and man-made dangers, such as buoys. The best swell comes from the northwest and the best wind blows from the north or northeast. The swell starts working at 3 – 3.5 m/10 – 12 ft and holds up to 3+ m/10+ ft.

Mid tides work good for this spot and the best tide movement is rising and falling tides. Although, the beach is appropriate for insane surfers and Portugal is full of them, it is empty. That leaves more space for you!! It is suggested to check the weather websites and the webcams to see if the place works. If it does and you have the necessary experience, just go for it!!