Surfing in Furnas, Ericeira, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Maximum swell size:
>3m (10ft)
Wind blow :
experienced surfers
On the western coast of Portugal, you'll find Ericeira, a civil parish in the municipality of Mafra. It's a seaside resort and a tourist destination. The mild temperature in winter and the sweet warm summers make this place suitable for vacations any season of the year. The sunshine all year along is calling you for unforgettable moments.

Once you visit this place, you feel the harmony and peacefulness of an old village. Walk through the cobbled streets and breath the fresh air of Ericeira. Run back to old days by visiting the Sta. Casa da Misericórdia da Ericeira Museum. The history and the ancient art promises you an amazing journey to the past.

Ericeira offers beautiful beaches and for all king of sea-bath lovers. For those who don’t like too much the sunbath but the games with strong and mystery waves, Furnas beach represents a real challenge for surfers. The waves quality is normal and the frequency sometimes break. It’s a reef-rocky type and the powerful waves have a right direction. The good direction for the swell and the wind is from the east. The swell size starts working at 2.5 m-3 m / 8 ft-10 ft and holds up to 4 m+ / 12 ft.

In summer, most of the time, the waves swell size is 1.3-2 m (4-6.5 ft), and at 23% of the time the waves swell size is from 2 to 3 m (6.5-10 ft) and the wind blows offshore at 8%. In autumn, the wind blows at 30% and the waves swell size is 1.3-3 m (4-10 ft) and at 12% of the time the swell size is >3 m (10 ft). In winter, the waves swell size is 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft) and at 25% of the time the swell size is >3 m (10 ft), and the wind blows offshore at 37%. In spring, the wind blows offshore at 25% and the waves swell size is from 1.3-3 m (4-10 ft).

The beach is suitable for experienced surfers. There are surf schools at your disposal, with experts who can show you the magic and the mystery of this sport. In Ericeira, you can taste fresh fish at the seafood restaurants. There are other leisure activities and a variety of accommodations for your relaxing times.