Surfing in Ballston Beach, Truro, Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA

Best wind direction:
Northeast, East
Swell direction :
West, Southwest
Swell size:
1 to 4 m/ 3 to 13 ft
Ballston beach is a historical beach known throughout the years as surfer's beach with exciting waves that give great thrill to all water sports fans.

It is a long, sandy beach most suitable for experienced athletes. Best tide position is considered the mid tide and optimal swell direction is West and Southwest. Good wind direction is Northeast and East with swell starting to work at less than 1 m/3 ft and can hold up to 4 m/13 ft.

The highest water temperature is in August, but in case of strong wind you may need a wet suit. Mind the rocks and rips at the bottom, otherwise it is a safe place to practice your favorite sport. Close to Truro, a city of cultural events and other attractions and also a number of accommodation to choose from.