Surfing in Maroubra North End Point, Maroubra, New South Wales Australia

Skill Level:
Best Wind Direction:
West, Southwest
Maroubra is a beach-side suburb of Sydney, at about 10 km/6 mi in the south-east of Sydney's CBD (Central Business District). Maroubra beach lies between the arms of Maroubra Bay and provides a number of local facilities such as picnic areas, good restaurants and cafes.

It is considered to be the best surf beach in the eastern suburbs. Maroubra North End Point is on the rocks at the north side of the beach and it is a fantastic spot if the swell and wind direction are good. Surfers can explore the waves with swell sizes from 3 ft-5 ft /1 m-1.5 m to 10 ft/3 m. The best time for waves is in autumn. The site is appropriate for more experienced surfers.

The best wind direction is from the west, southwest and the ideal swell direction is from the north,  northeast. In summer the wind blows offshore at 14%, in autumn the wind blows at 18%, in winter at 16% and in spring at 16%. The best tide movement is rising and falling tides and the ideal tide position is mid tide. Stroll along the beachfront and enjoy the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Note: it is not as crowded as the rest of the beach. Watch out for rocks and rips.