Surfing in Ashe (Ashe Vashe), Lazarevskoye Microdistrict, Kray of Krasnodar Russia

Good wind direction:
Average wind speed:
7 knots/13 kph
Average air temperature:
Lazarevskoye Microdistrict is a microdistrict situated on the shore of the Black Sea at the mouth of the Psezuapse River. Lazarevskoye Microdistrict was once a resort settlement until 1961, when it was merged into Sochi.

Since Black Sea is not capable of producing big waves, Ashe Beach is a nice surprise to surfers, as it can give almost world class waves from time to time, during correct weather conditions. Ashe Beach or Ashe Vashe as you might hear calling it, is an easy to find, public beach.

It is not in the city, you will have to take a car and drive about 70 km/43.8 mi west of Sochi. The point-break waves come from the right and they can be rather powerful. In normal and good days, waves reach a normal length of 50 – 150 m/164 – 492 ft.

The best wind and swell direction comes from the northeast, while the swell starts working at 1 – 1.5 m/3 – 5 ft and holds up to 3+ m/10+ ft. All tides are good at this empty beach.

The bottom has boulders and along with rocks and man made dangers, such as buoys can cause some heavily injuries, so be careful. If the waves are good, you will notice some local surfers that live right next to the spot, taking their boards and running to subdue the waves.

Since it breaks rather occasionally, it is suggested to check the weather conditions before you go and double check the cameras, in order to confirm that the particular part of the sea is working at the time you decide to go there.

It is a totally amazing place, producing waves, which you couldn’t believe that exist in the Black Sea.