Surfing in Lajao, Natal, Rio Grande do Norte Brazil

Skill Level:
Intermediate And Advanced Surfers
Best Swell Direction:
Average Water Temperature:
27 °C/ 80.6 °F
Natal is the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte, in northeastern Brazil and is without a doubt the safest city in Brazil. The climate here is classified as tropical, with an annual average temperature of 28°C / 82.4°F. For the football fans, Natal is one of the host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Pipa is situated south of Natal and is part of the district of Tibau do Sul. This beautiful coastal village offers a number of restaurants with international cuisine, tasteful hotels, vibrant nightlife and many local shops. But that is not all, as Pipa boasts a wide range of watersports. Lajao is an exposed reef break that has dependable surf, especially around mid and high tide.

It is a very popular spot among surfers, as it provides the longest waves in the area. The swell sizes usually start from 1 m/3 ft and hold up to 2 m/6 ft. In addition, the optimum wind direction is from the west, southwest and the ideal swell direction is from the northeast. Furthermore, the water temperature is around 27 °C/ 80.6 °F all year round and there is a constant sea breeze that helps keeping the humidity under control.

In summer the wind blows offshore at 0.6%, in autumn it blows at 5%, in winter at 0.3% and in spring at 0.3%. Lajao accommodates intermediate and advanced surfers. Finally, the location caters surf schools and shops, in case you need help or equipment. Note: watch out for rips, rocks and localism.