Snowboarding in Rosa Khutor Alpine Ski Resort, Sochi, Kray of Krasnodar Russia

Vertical drop:
1745 m/5725 ft
Longest run:
7500 m/24606 ft
Length of trails :
44 mi/72 km
Sochi is a city situated in the federal subject of Krasnodar Kray, Russia. Its exact location is near the border between Russia and Georgia, on the Black Sea coast. Sochi is known to the entire world, as the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are about to take place here.

For the winter of 2014, Sochi is the place to be, as it hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. All the alpine skiing events will be hosted at the nearby resort, the Rosa Khutor Ski Resort, which did an incredible effort manufacturing all the necessary facilities from 2003 to 2011, in order to be the perfect landlord of these events.

The resort is found in the western Caucasus, in southwestern Russia, at Aibiga Ridge along the Rosa Khutor plateau and is one of the largest ski resorts near Krasnaya Polyana.

If you enjoy snowboarding, this is the place for you to practice your favorite sport on one of the 26 tracks that cover an area of 44 mi/72 km!! The majority of the slopes face northeast, while the backside slopes face southwest.

The slopes are served by 10 lifts, which will be 19 after the constructions are over. 3 magic carpets, 1 rope tow, 3 chairlift and 3 gondolas will take you up to the Rosa Peak at an elevation of 2320 m/7612 ft.

The highest lift is the Caucasus Express Gondola, which promises a ride to heaven. The lowest point of the resort is at an elevation of 560 m/1837 ft, something that gives an incredible vertical drop of 1760 m/5774 ft!!

The Rosa Plateau is the main snowboarding area and is at an elevation of 1170 m/3839 ft, creating a vertical drop of 1150 m/7612 ft from the summit. Rosa Stadium is the finish line for all racing events, it lies at the east edge of the resort and is at an elevation of 940 m/3084 ft, giving a vertical drop of 1380 m/4528 ft.

It is highly recommended to pay extra attention to safety, so you won’t get heavily injured. Rosa Khutor is an amazing ski resort and besides the Winter Olympics, it is a snowboarding destination that you should conquer!