Snowboarding in Laguna de las Yeguas, Granada, Andalusia Spain

Snowboarding area:
105 km / 65 mi
Sierra Nevada's ski resort lies on Veleta peak, in the Granada part of the mountain. Your starting point is Pradollano. From there, the first lifts take you to the main hub, Borreguiles, at about 457 m/1500 ft above the main village.

You can use the Borreguiles II t-bars and then to the top of the cliff to slide to Laguna, or from Veleta to follow the Olimpica or Lagunillos pistes. Its altitude is about at 701 m/2300 ft. The terrain here is more challenging and difficult with wide open snowfields. Being on or off piste ground, in a location surrounded by snowy cliffs and wild trails, gives you an unbelievable sense of freedom.

This is a spot for the experienced ones with good orientation skills and expert knowledge. Don’t hesitate to enjoy the wilderness of the landscape but be careful not to get lost. There are 8 difficult trails ending to Laguna de las Yeguas and two chairlifts to ride. There is also a slow speed area near the end. You can also snowboard to nearby Loma de Dilar.