Snowboarding in Mont Sainte Anne, Beaupre, Quebec Canada

Vertical drop:
625 m/2050 ft
Top Elevation:
800 m/2625 ft
Mont Sainte-Anne is located in Beaupre City, Quebec, Canada. Mont-Sainte-Anne is a famous ski resort that attracts a variety of people, who want to taste as much adventure as they can. It was the first ski resort that opened its facilities (282500 ft²/26245 m² area) for both skiers and boarders.

Snowboarders claim that performing this sport is an experience with which body, mind and technical skills merge into one. This place is ideal for snowboarding as it includes excellent snow conditions.

Mont Sainte-Anne has a vertical drop of 625 m/2050 ft and a top elevation 800 m/2625 ft. The Sainte-Anne has access to 64 km/39 mi of downhill skiing, with 59 individual pistes and 13 lifts, capable to uplift a satisfying number of skiers and snowboarders. The appropriate season to exercise snowboarding is from November to April.