Skiing in Veleta, Granada, Andalusia Spain

3394 m / 11135 ft
Vertical drop:
1200 m / 3937 ft
Sierra Nevada's ski resort lies on the Veleta peak, in the Granada part of the mountain. Your starting point is Pradollano. From there, the first lifts take you to the main hub, Borreguiles, at about 457 m/1500 ft above the main village.

From there, use the Veleta II lift to La Peseta pist. To reach the final Veleta peak take the Zayas lift. This spot will take you through an intermediate bowl, past the World Cup race course and near the snowboard park. Quite difficult terrain of 3394 m / 11135 ft altitude with 1200 m / 3937 ft in total of vertical drop.

There are about 12 advanced pistes, some branching to easier ones, some reaching very high speeds. You can use either the Laguna chairlift or the Zayas t-bar. This location is for the experienced ones. With plenty of training schools, clubs and teams, it’s the perfect meeting point for the advanced skiers.