Snowboarding in Kelaria, Parnassos, Central Greece Region Greece

1750m (5740ft) up to 2260m (7412.79ft)
Total pistes:
Total lifts:
Snowboard piste:
'The rut'
It's winter and you are relishing a warm cup of coffee, while your cheeks are burned by the warmth of your fireplace. Suddenly, you drop your cup, you stand up and you feel your body moving keenly. You run quickly to the refrigeration and you put your head inside. Relax, it's not a heart attack but your desire for snowboard in an icy landscape, where there will be only you and the snow.

You just need your adrenaline dose. So, let’s plan a trip in Kelaria ski center, in the heart of Parnassos, a charming mountain in Greece that towers above Delphi. It’s a mountain of limestone and in Greek mythology, it was sacred to the god of light and sun, Apollo, who was one of the Olympian gods. Delphi was known as the site of the Delphi oracle, where Pythia was credited for the prophecies.

That’s for the history. Back to the ski center, where your prophecies will be true. Your destination is the half pipe, specially designed for snowboard with 110 m/360 ft length. It’s between Hercules and Pericles piste and it’s well known as ‘the rut’.

There are snowboard schools in the area, in case you need an expert at your disposal. If you don’t want to depart from the center, you can drink a coffee and spend some time with your friends in the beautiful chalet.

If you need  an excursion, you can visit Delphi or Arachova, where you can find nice restaurant and bars and let the hospitable citizens service you. Also, close to the ski center there are accommodation options.