Skate Boarding in Glasgow Skatepark, Newark, Delaware USA

Banks, stairs, manual pads, hubba ledges, quarter pipes.
Newark is an American city in New Castle County, Delaware. It is located at 12 mi/19 km in the west-southwest of Wilmington.

Newark is a place endowed with many parks and recreation areas. Visiting this place, you will come across the most well-known skateboarding park. Glasgow Skatepark is a place, where adventure and excitement merge into one.

Choose to exercise skateboarding in Glasgow Park and you will understand what we are talking about. It is a decent sized park of 24000 ft²/2230 m², which has been designed in 2007 and finally constructed in 2011. In order to ride in this park, admission is free. The park offers fine banks and stairs for street skating. It also features two distinct bowls with a street plaza, which is consisted of hubba ledges, pier 7 block, hand rails, manual pads and banked wall rides.

The park is famous for its sweet bowls, great quarter pipes, sick rails and boxes. In the nearby area, skateboarders will find many rental shops, where they can find whatever they need about their equipment. So, visit this park and get as much tired as you can!