Skate Boarding in Adrenalin Skatepark, Moscow, Federal city of Moscow Russia

Facility size:
75000 ft²/6968 m²
Moscow is situated in Russia and it is the capital city and the most popular federal subject. It is located on the banks of Moskva River that flows for over 500 km/311 mi right through the East European Plain in central Russia.

Russia has winter temperatures that are not stuff for fairy tales. The temperature in Moscow of almost 12 million inhabitants frequently dips below zero, forcing skate boarders to seek an indoor skatepark to shelve their boards.

Moscow got it and is the biggest indoor skatepark in Europe. The Adrenalin skatepark is a huge indoor complex that is situated in a residential district on the northern outskirts of Moscow.

Skate terrain is 22000 ft²/2044 m² and includes mini ramps, birch-surfaced vert, a street course, a pool, stairs, rails, vertical ramp, bowl, a funbox and a funbox with wall for wall-rides. The park is open all day, from morning until late at night, so you can skate as much as you like.

Skateboarding in this part of the world has a big history, so this indoor facility is everything skate boarders were looking for, especially on cold winter days.

The entire facility also features a restaurant named after the skatepark, an in-line skating rink, internet cafe, two bars, equipment rental department, day-care center, arcade and concert area, making this amazing skatepark an awesome full day skateboarding destination.