Skate Boarding in Northbrook Skatepark, Chicago, Illinois USA

Terrain size:
22000 ft²/2044 m²
Many skate and urban
Chicago is the seat of Cook County, Illinois, USA. It is the third most populous city in the US and the most populous city in both the American Midwest and Illinois. Nicknamed as The Second City or Windy City, Chicago is situated on the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan, in the northeastern Illinois.

One of the most popular concrete skateparks in the Chicago area is the Northbrook Skatepark. It is situated in Northbrook, a Chicago suburb and is very easy to find. The skatepark is outdoors and was designed for many purposes, one of them is skateboarding.

The center of the park is a huge bowl that has connections to another bowl with some vert. The street course surrounds the center bowls and due to its location allows for continuous street lines around the edge of the bowls. The features of the skatepark are divided into skate and urban.

In the skate part, you will meet the street course, a quarter pipe, a vertical ramp, the bowls and others. On the other hand in the urban part, you will come across rails, curbs and other amazing features. The skatepark is in good condition and due to its popularity it attracts many kind of skaters, so you might find this place a little busy.

If you are a novice skateboarder, this might not be the right place for you, as the number of other athletes in the terrain won’t ease you on learning how to use your board. It is a great opportunity to try this skatepark, if you live nearby or if you find yourself in the area.