Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Pelican Point, Perth, Western Australia Australia

Summer temperature:
42°C / 107°F
Winter temperature:
4°C / 39°F
Pelican Point is a peninsula protruding in the shallow flat waters of the Swan River, in Perth, site of Australia's first Kite-Surfing school.

The spot is not suitable for novice practitioners since landing and launching kites can get a bit dangerous and trees line the shore down wind. The spot is recommended exclusively for advanced kite-surfers while beginners should be accompanied by an experienced instructor.

The fenced area is a calm natural reserve and a RESTRICTED AREA, thus it is a no kite zone. The reserve should never be used to launch, land or rig up your kite. Kite-surfers should enter the spot on the eastern part of the river shore. Obey to the directions, given by the Rangers and calm-officers at all times. There is a submerged water hazardous spot on the shoreline, at the very end of the point (which is actually out of bounds, so you shouldn’t kite there – a rusted steel drum with spikes sticking up – deadly to kite and human). Prevailing winds are onshore and practitioners need to pay attention at all times.

Summer season -from December to March, is the best period to kite in Perth. During summer months, the wind consistently blows between noon and 3 pm, from the South-West along to the southern half of the west coast, thus providing the ideal kite-surfing conditions. Temperatures range from 42°C / 107°F during summer season to 4°C / 39°F during winter season. Water’s temperature is warm from November to March, but a shirt is needed to protect yourself from the sun.