Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Pease Bay, Scottish Borders, Eastern Scotland United Kingdom

Level of difficulty :
10 out of 10
Preferable season to visit:
All year round
Main hazard :
Rocky seabed
Pease Bay is a great place for many water-sport activities and definitely for kitesurfing. A great spot, exposed to the ocean beach that gives exquisite times for kitesurfing. Because of its expansion, you can pick up your favorite spot at any time of the year! Enjoy...

Pease Bay lies at the South east coast of Scotland. The beach is exposed to the open sea, so there is constantly wind and that’s why it is suitable for kitesurfing. Having the advantage of suitable weather conditions, you may find your spot easily because of the expansion of the beach.

The beach is quite versatile, as it expands from the left with sand to the right with reefs. So it is advisable for beginners to stay away from the right side. Speaking of weather conditions, it has to be mentioned that swell and wind work better when the wind direction is southwesterly. The wind direction breaks from both sides, left and right, so be aware as the right breaker ends to the rocks. The average sea temperature is 4˚C/39.20˚F and can drop down to -12˚C/10.40˚F, so be aware to wear your kitesurfing suit.

Only matter of caution is to be careful with the rocks, especially when the sea is at low tide. Apart from that, one of the main advantages of the beach is that there is a caravan camping, just next to the beach that can accommodate you and your family.