Speed Flying in Cairngorm Mountain, Aviemore, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Vertical drop:
Cairngorm mountain is part of the largest National Park of England, in the Scottish Highlands. Within 16 km/10 mi from Aviemore, it is a far-farmed destination for all the ''xtreme'' sporters. Cairngorm mountain could be really challenging for the daring ones.

Cairngorm mountain offers the largest ski resort of Scotland. It provides over 30 km/18 mi of slopes. It is an ideal place for the speed flyers, as speed flying is permitted in most of the existing ski area. There is a funicular train and 10 other lifts serving the resort. Visitors are transferred from the Base Station up to the Ptarmigan Top within 10 minutes. Speed flyers have the opportunity to use the funicular, too.

This is a great advantage, since they save energy from carrying their heavy equipment. The top lift is at 1080 m/3543 ft and the bottom lift is at 550 m/1804 ft. There is a vertical drop of about 530 m/1738 ft. Bear in mind that the weather conditions are completely unpredictable in Scotland. So, despite of the weather forecast, a wind speed anemometer will be necessary. No steady winds are frequent.