Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Nairn, Highland, Highlands and Islands United Kingdom

Best wind:
West, northeast
Nairn is located at 87.1 mi/141 km away from Aberdeen city and it is a market town and ancient fishing port, best known as a seaside resort.

There, you can find two beaches, appropriate to host kite surfing. The first beach, which is the largest one, offers big waves while kiting open to the sea, whereas there is flat water on a large shaped sea-lagoon. The second beach, the smaller one, gives normal weather conditions for kite surfing and it is suggested for everyone.

Best wind is West through North and north east. The only hazard you must be aware of is that on the west side there is pipe extended onto the beach from inside the sea. There are facilities like public toilets and many accommodation, pubs and shop within the town of Nairn.