Mountain Biking in Little Oven, Kalamunda‏, Western Australia Australia

Steep descents, uphills and a 4WD track
Little Oven is situated in the south part of Kalamunda and Beelu National Park, Swan Region, Perth Hills District.

The circuit is the best in the area and offers several sections which can be ridden both by beginners at a slow pace and more advanced riders. The circuit covers a distance of 10 km/6 mi on a slippery surface, a challenging biking condition for advanced riders, who look to reach their biking limits and skills.

The trail is split into three main sections that include a steep descents, uphills and a 4WD track section. The first section is a steep descent down the hill. Although it can be quite windy to start off with, it straightens up towards the end where few jumps to go over are available. In order to pass to the next section, cross the access road. This second section goes up a slight incline but levels out so you can go quite fast. The final section is on a 4WD track and winds back to the main road and at the end, there is a decent size jump spot.

The circuit is best ridden at the start of summer or towards the end of winter when the gravel is more compacted. In summer, the gravel is quite loose which makes certain sections quite difficult and sometimes dangerous. There are some good jumps which can be done at a great speed (50kph/31 mph). If you have access to two cars (4WD’s rec.), park one at the top of the trail and the other at the bottom, then you can do the track several times as the ride back up the track is quite grueling, especially in summer.