Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya Lagoon, Puttalam, North Western Province Sri Lanka

High season:
Low season:
Kalpitiya is situated at 165 km/ 102 mi in the north of Colombo. It is a famous destination point for all kite-surfing enthusiasts.

If you want to have a perfect kitesurfing experience, then set your imagination into motion and visit the most famous spot for this activity, which is located in Sri Lanka. This place is ready to both teach you how to exercise this thrilling activity and surprise you with its great conditions. So, whether you a veteran or novice of kitesurfing, the spot offers you a variety of schools, with qualified instructors.

You can kite-surf during two seasons. For those who are interested in something more challenging, the season May-October is the best. During this season, the wind blows 24 hours and 7 days a week with average speed between 15-30 kn / 17-34 mph. If you choose to visit this spot during December to March, the wind speed will be between 15-20 kn / 17-23 mph.

The geographical location of this place offers you one side when you can perform freestyle kite-surfing and learn this activity with the vengeance, and another side when Indian Ocean brings some perfect waves for kite-surfing junkies. Just imagine shallow blue lagoons, flat waters, sandy beaches in one side and the Indian Ocean waters on the other side. The place that combines these conditions, will definitely become your favorite one.

So, save these information deep in your mind and when you feel ready come here and fill yourself with a lifetime experience.