Bungee Jumping in Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Curitiba, Parana Brazil

Highest point:
42 m/137 ft
25°32′6″S 49°12′21″W
Sao Jose dos Pinhais is a Brazilian city, part of Curitiba's Metropolitan Region that is located in the state of Parana. Here you can find a wide range of things to do and many spots to bungee jump!

Metropolitan Sao Jose dos Pinhais is not just another city. This city is also famous because of housing the automakers of Volkswagen, Audi, Nissan and Renault. Sao Jose dos Pinhais is the place where you will experience the adventure of bungee jumping and you will keep remembering for life, as it provides more than anyone could ever imagine.

Plenty of cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels and other places to rest and have your break, are ready to welcome you with bargain prices and high services. No words to be said about the beauty, the climate, but also the natural kindness of locals.

Regarding to the bungee jumping schools, they are easy to be found within the area. Anybody can try bungee jumping, not a single age limit is even a must. You only need to be at least 40 kg/88 lb and lack of any serious health problem. Bungee jumping uses three chord types, according to your weight and assigning the comfort on your heel so that the rope can stretch in a smooth way.

If you decide to be trained at a bungee jumping school, you have to deal with a crane of approximately 40 tons capacity. Jumping from about 42 m/137 ft height, remember to be dressed comfortable for the weather and of course, do not forget to avoid heavy meals before practicing your sport. So visit this spot and enjoy an once in a lifetime experience!!!