Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Sankt Peter-Ording, Nordfriesland, Schleswig-Holstein Germany

Water type:
Flat to choppy
Water temperature:
17-18 °C / 63-64 °F
Wind speed:
12 kn / 22.23 kph
Sankt Peter-Ording is a well-known German seaside spa resort and a municipality in the district of Nordfriesland in Schleswing-Holstein, Germany. It is the only German seaside resort that has a sulfur spring, thus known itself as "North Sea healing spa and sulfur spring''.

Are you ready to enjoy the life beyond limits? If yes, then don’t delay! Visit Sankt Peter-Ording now and enjoy yourself in all fields. Sankt Peter-Ording is famous for offering great conditions for the experience of kitesurfing.

This place satisfies professional kite surfers and has without doubt something to offer to everyone. Many kitesurf International competitions take place in this spot every year. Apart from the event’s period, you can visit this spot and have great time performing your favorite sport. Sankt Peter-Ording has a maritime climate with mild winters and cool summers.

For your activity, you will find flat to choppy water type of 1-2 m/3-6 ft wave height, sandy ground and about 17-18 °C / 63-64 °F water temperature. As far as the wind conditions are concerned, the wind’s speed blows at around 12 kn / 22.23 kph.  The wind is mostly side on-shore from NW.

After your exciting activity, you can relax in the numerous bars and restaurants that you will find nearby!!