Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Icarai Beach, Amontada, Ceara Brazil

Wind speed:
20 - 30 kn /34-56 kph
Icarai Beach, in the vicinity of Amontada in the state of Ceara, located at the northeast of Brazil, is a place that hosts a huge number of kite surfing enthusiasts.

If you want to enjoy your holidays far from the any noise, Icarav de Amontada is the most appropriate place to visit. This spot will offer you the tranquility you need as well as the the adrenaline you are looking for while performing a unique kite surfing activity.

Although a quite area, Icarai de Amontada is a famous destination for kite surfing junkies. For a really exciting kite surfing experience you need two features, the wind and the water. On this incredible spot, these features are by your side. With hot water and wind speed at about 20 – 30 kn /34-56 kph, it will be difficult for you to leave this place.

The most appropriate season for performing kite surfing in Icarai de Amontada is from July to January. If you don’t feel so confident to perform this activity alone, you will find many schools with well-skilled trainers who can assist you on the spot. So, don’t hesitate to seek help and enjoy a thrilling activity.

You can also choose a 2 day program that offer some schools and explore some other interesting places. Icarai de Amontada is a place that doesn’t offer intense night life but here you will definitely recharge your batteries and rediscover yourself.