Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Kelly Ave, Gulfport, Mississippi USA

Water type:
Shallow, Chop, Small Wave (< 1m / 3ft)
Wind Type:
Frontal Winds
Wave Breakers / Groynes, Mole
Gulfport, founded by William H. Hardy and Joseph T. Jones, is the second largest city in Mississippi. It is a colorful beachfront city on the Gulf of Mexico with beautiful, long, white sand beaches and a strong commercial center. It offers several opportunities for shopping, as well as golfing, gambling and water sports.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is the ideal place to learn kitesurfing, due to the wide beaches and shallow water. Ideal for all skill levels, Kelly Ave is a safe, spacious location, perfect for beginning the sport or practicing what you have already learned. Several different kitesurfing styles are evolving and you should get familiar with them all.

It is easy performing Wave-riding at Kelly Ave, because the waves are small (< 1 m / 3 ft) and suitable for beginner kitesurfers. Of course, there is always freestyle and freeride that give you endless tricks and can be done while airborne.

The waters are clean at Kelly Ave, but there might be small storm debris on bottom in some places. You will also have to keep in mind that there is a big mole to the west. And of course, keep your eyes open, as there are wave breakers and groynes. Remember that supervision is provided to everyone who has completed the lessons of any level and you will find many professional kitesurfers, willing to teach you all you need to know.

Gulfport has a humid subtropical climate, strongly moderated by the Gulf of Mexico. Winters are short and generally warm and summers are long, humid and hot. Spring is the best season, as breeze directs from the southeast. The summer is ideal for large kites (16-20 m/53-66 ft), but after September, when the frontal winds start coming, it’s better to use a small kite of 12 m/40 ft. During winter, the waters are a bit cold, but it’s the best time, if you want to have the beach for yourself.

Being an all year round spot, Kelly Ave is the perfect spot to get the excitement you want!