Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing in Beach Club, Moorea Island, French Polynesia

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Best wind direction:
Wind type:
Cross shore winds
Best season:
March to October
Moorea is a magical volcanic island with stunning landscapes, located in French Polynesia in the South Pacific Ocean. Situated about 9 mi /17 km northwest of Tahiti, Moorea has a unique shape and boasts vertical mountains and green meadows, covered with lush nature, as well as a breathtaking coastline with pristine sandy beaches.

Moorea Island attracts many visitors from around the world, as it is a favorite destination among the rest of the Society Islands and can be easily accessed by boat or plane from Tahiti. For those who are into water sports, Moorea offers a wide variety of activities, as it is surrounded by the bluest waters of the Pacific.

Located on the north west side of Moorea, Beach Club is an amazing sandy beach, fronted by a lagoon that offers the best flat water conditions on the island. Favored with turquoise shallow waters and enough space to safely launch your kite, the spot is one of the main attractions for kite boarding enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The tropical climate provides small temperature variations and the average temperature ranges from 70 °F/21 °C to 88 °F/31 °C, while the sea temperature is always inviting. The spot works well with winds coming from east, southeast and northeast and when the eastern trade winds are on, kite boarders can enjoy long rides inside or outside the lagoon.

For those who are new to the sport, schools operating on the spot are located in a sand bank with very shallow water, covered with coconut trees. For the most advanced kiters, riding out the wide ocean swell, outside the lagoon can provide all the excitement they need. Keep in mind that the beach is ultra crowded during weekends, so be aware of other kiters and boats. Note that the reef is shallow and the corals are hard, so watch your knees.

Beach club has schools that offer all the necessary gear and experienced instructors, if you want to combine holidays on a paradise island and also brush up your skills. And remember,  if your trip in French Polynesia should include only one island, it should definitely be Moorea!