Scuba Diving in Bazaruto Island, Bazaruto Archipelago, Inhambane Mozambique

Dive Depth :
The Bazaruto Archipelago is a group of six dune islands in Mozambique, namely Bazaruto, Benguera, Magaruque, Banque, Santa Carolina and Shell. The island complex is situated at 750km/466miles from Maputo. Known as the "Pearl of the Indian Ocean", the Archipelago is an island resort that hosts a protected and abundant marine life. The climate here is characterized by wet and dry seasons.

Bazaruto Island stretches at 37 km/23 mi in length and up to a width of 7 km/4 mi within a wonderland of flora and fauna. The protected Bazaruto Marine National Park is scuba diver’s paradise with crystal clear waters and diverse soft coral ridges and reefs to explore.

It boasts one of the best dive sites in the world which are uncrowded with rich and abundant marine life. Dive Depths here range between 12-30 m/39-98 ft with visibility up to 40 m/131 ft long. Discover protected reefs teeming with dolphins, hump-back whales, sharks, manta rays and the like by taking a scuba diving trip at the gorgeous island!!