Cross Country Skiing in Bayerwald Trail, Großer Arber, Munich, Bavaria Germany

Trail length:
150 km/93 mi
Great Arber (Großer Arber) is the highest peak of the Bohemian – Bavarian mountain ridge and reaches at an elevation of 1456 m/4777 ft height. The spot lies at 197 km/122 mi in the northeast of Munich. Geographically, it belongs to Bohemian Forest, so you might notice that people refer to it as ‘King of the Bavarian Forest’.

One of the most popular snow activities in the Großer Arber area is Cross Country Skiing. There are many trails where you can exercise this wonderful sport but one of the most famous is Bayerwald Trail, at 23 km/17 mi in the north of Grosser Arber. It is a 150 km /93 mi long trail of pure cross country enjoyment.

The trail covers the area from Arber/Osser to the Dreisessel. There is always the option that the trail can be tackled in stages. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, you will definitely have fun enjoying this activity in natural surroundings. The main part of the trail follows already existing cross country trails.

Sometimes it is necessary to walk a short distance until the starting point of next trail since the surrounding area is protected. However, there is another limitation, you can only use the cross country trail at one direction, from north to south.

This trail passes through breathtaking unspoilt vistas to a scenery that alternates between impressive distant views and open areas and mixed woods.

You can identify the trail by a Snowflake on DSV – regulation signs. You won’t get lost because since information boards and signposts along trail are available, indicating the networking trails in the neighborhood.

Mid winter is the ideal time to practice this sport as the trail comes across various spots of different altitudes. If you want to visit the spot during winter months, you will also find good consistent snow conditions.