Bodyboarding in Sintra, Lisbon, Lisbon and Coast Portugal

Direction of the wind:
offshore, east
Best swell direction:
Type of wave:
Sintra is located near Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal. It has become a major tourist center, visited by people from all around the world. Sintra has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its 19th-century ravishing architecture and landscapes.

Sintra offers some beautiful beaches, however, some of these are difficult to attain, due to the scarps surrounding them. Apart from bathing and the summer sun, Sintra beaches also offers the right conditions for body-boarding.

Praia Grande is well known to body-boarders. European and world championships take place in this beach every year. The Sintra Portugal Pro takes place at Praia Grande in august. It is organized from IBA (International Bodyboarding Association). Both male and female bodyboarders demonstrate their great skills. The unique waves give the opportunity to the fans to get totally connected, mentally and physically with this addictive sport.

The spot gives in to an exposed beach break that usually offers waves that can be ideal for practitioners any time of the year. Offshore winds usually blow from the east while the best swell direction that has been recorded, is from the northwest.

The beach is appropriate for all kind of difficulty body-boarders. There are body-board schools that can show you how to take a ride with the waves.

Sintra offers lots of accommodation options and other activities to spare your free time.