Bodyboarding in Sao Vicente, Madeira, Madeira Portugal

Maximum swell size:
2-3m (6.5-10ft)
Wind blow :
Wave type:
reef- rocky
For those who like to move their body keenly, feel the water wrap up their senses and be excited by the adrenaline explosion, then they should try body-board. So, take your board and let's go for extreme games in Sao Vicente.

This spot is located along the north-west coast of the Portuguese island of Madeira. It’s one of the most sheltered hinterland. One of the highlights of this civil parish is a small chapel, that was built on a great boulder, at the edge of the village next to the sea. The gigantic houses of the 18th century are the adornment of the village. The temperatures are between 14°C/57.2°F in the winter and  28°C/82.4°F in the summer. In old days, the village has been attacked by pirates. You can be a modern pirate of Sao Vicente, but instead of a ship you will have your board.

The reef-rocky waves will be ready for you. Be careful, they are fast and powerful with right and left direction. The north and northwest are good swell direction and for the wind the south and southeast. The wave’s quality is regional classic with frequency that operates from time to time. In spring, the waves swell size is from 1.3-2 m (4-6.5 ft) to 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft) and the wind blows onshore at 80% of the time. In winter, we have waves with swell size from 2 to 3 m (6.5-10 ft) and the wind blows onshore at 70%. In autumn, we have waves with the same swell size as in winter and the wind blows onshore at 75%. In summer, the wind blows onshore at 87% and the wave swell size is 1.3-2 m (4-6.5 ft).

The spot is suitable for experienced “pirates”. There is a body-board school, in case you need experts at your disposal. In Sao Vicente, you will find accommodation options and other leisure activities.