Scuba Diving in Shanzu Beach, Mombasa, Coast Province Kenya

Water Temperatures:
Dive Depths:
6-30 m/19-98 ft
Shanzu Beach is located at the Northern coast of Mombasa. Its beach lies along the shimmering waters of the Mombasa marine park along Shanzu beach, at 30 km/18 mi from Mombasa town. The spot beach is environmental friendly and has moorings installed for any anchoring damage.

Scuba diving at the Shanzu Beach is almost through out the year due to the conducive weather normally between 25-31°C/77-87.80°F all year through and the fact that the inshore lagoon is protected.

Scuba diving at the Shanzu Beach embraces all types of divers with depths ranging from 6 to 30 m/19-98 ft. Average visibility stands at 10-12 m/32-39 ft. Scuba diving at the shallow ends of 6 m/19 ft can be phenomenal due to the true colors of marine life.

Some of the expected marine life around these depths are blue-spotted ray, various types of coral groupers just to mention a few. On the other hand the outer reef for more adventurous experience,  marine species include spiny lobsters, trigger fish among others. White tipped reef sharks, barracudas, king fish, lion fish and the like, are more evident at depths of 22 m/72 ft and above.

Although most of the diving is conducted during the day, night dives are also available to catch a glimpse of the tropical fish species sleeping.

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