Quad Biking in Sunnyside ATV Paradise, Macon, Georgia USA

Terrain size / type:
1 mi² / 2.6 km² / forest
Trails length:
50 mi / 80.5 km
350 - 450 ft / 107 - 137 m
Loose dirt, mostly hard pack, intersections, sand pits, berms, large and small jumps, steep hills, trees, dust, sand, chalk mines, mud bogs, woods trails, swamps
Per rider
Macon is situated in central Georgia, USA. It is part of the Macon metropolitan area and was founded at the fall line of the Ocmulgee River. Macon belongs to Bibb County and is the county seat. Nicknamed as the Heart of Georgia, it is one of the most popular spots for off road sports.

An ATV park near Macon is, as its name suggests, a sunny ATV paradise. Sunnyside ATV Park is opened during weekends from 9 am to dusk. The forest terrain is 1 mi²/2.6 km², it covers 50 mi/80.5 km of trails and sits at an elevation of 350 to 450 ft/107 to 137 m.

The amazing, ultra popular terrain consists of loose dirt, mostly hard pack, some intersections, a few sand pits, berms, large and small jumps, a few steep hills, many trees, dust and sand. The park also offers chalk mines, mud bogs, woods trails and swamps. Due to the popularity of the park, the drivers’ traffic is big, so please be very careful.

The park is mostly suitable for amateurs, some novices and little experts. Riding is not for free, as there is a fee per rider. Camping, parking and entering the facility are free though. Helmets are required and a concession stand is provided. It is suggested to spend at least a full day, in order to enjoy riding in the dirt. Bear in mind that it is essential to call before you haul.

How to Get to Destination

BY CAR FROM Waycross
157 mi / 253 km, 2 hrs 45 mins
Head northeast on Plant Ave to State St, take the first turning left onto GA-4 N / US 1 N/US-23 N / State St, continue to follow the GA-4 N / US 1 N/US-23 N, turn left on GA-19 N/US-23 N, turn right onto US-23 N / Hollingsworth Blvd, continue to follow the US-23 N, turn left at E Jarman St, continue to GA-19 N/GA-27 W/US-23 N/US-341 N / W Coffee St, continue to follow the GA-19 N/GA-27 W/US-23 N/US-341 N, turn right onto GA-19 N, turn left to enter the I-16 W, take exit 1B for GA-22/2nd St to GA-129/GA-49/Macon, keep right at the fork, follow signs for GA-22 W and merge in GA-22 W/2nd St, turn right onto Mulberry St.
BY CAR FROM Columbus
101 mi / 162 km, 2 hrs
Head south on Veterans Pkwy to 8th St, take the first right turn at 8th St, take the first right turn at 3rd Ave, take the first right turn at 9th St, take the first turning left onto Veterans Pkwy, turn right onto US-27 Alt N / Manchester Expy, take exit US-80/GA-22 to Phoenix City / Macon, turn right onto GA-22 E/US-80 E / Beaver Run Rd, slight left at GA-22 E/US-80 E / Macon Rd, continue to follow the GA-22 E/US-80 E, continue to GA-96 E, continue along State Route 49C, turn left on GA-49 N / Peach Pkwy, turn right onto Georgia 247 Connector W / Centerville Rd, turn left to merge on I-75 N, take exit 164 for GA-19/Forsyth St to US-41/Hardeman Ave / Downtown, keep right at the fork, follow signs for US 41 Business S and enter the GA-19 S / Forsyth St, turn left at College St, take the 2nd turning right on Washington Ave, proceed to Poplar St, turn left at 1st St, turn left on Mulberry St.
Middle Georgia Regional Airport,
11.2 mi / 18 km

There is no train station in Macon. There used to be, but it closed in 1970’s. The nearest station is Atlanta, GA (ATL) central station. So take a train from anywhere in the US, as Amtrak services cover the entire US and abort in Atlanta, GA (ATL) central station. From there you can either take a bus or rent a car to reach your destination.


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