Snow Kiting in Cota 2000 Plateau, Sinaia, Romania

Skill level:
Beginners and advanced
Snow season:
December to late April
Best wind direction:
Northeast, East, Southwest
Top elevation:
Sinaia, also known as the "Carpathian Pearl", is a mountainous town located in an amazing alpine scenery on the Prahova Valley, only at 74.5 mi/120 km away from Bucharest. The city used once to be one of the favorite attractions for Romanian aristocracy and evolved into a major holiday destination when King Charles I decided to build there his summer residence, the Palace of Peles.

The ski resort of Sinaia is situated in one of the plateaus of Bucegi mountains at an altitude of 2516 ft/767 m, reaching up to 6561 ft/2000 m high. The sub alpine climate provides with a long season of good quality powder snow with mild winters and heavy snow and an average temperature at -4°C/25°F from January until late March.

Cota 2000 is the highest point of the ski resort and can be easily accessed with a cable car from downtown toward Cota 1400 and from there, with a second cable car to Cota 2000. On this beautiful Carpathian alpine plateau, snow kiting is very popular sport and attracts the sport’s enthusiasts of all skill levels.

With wide open space and  breathtaking topography, snow kiters can choose the spot they prefer and enjoy a non stop fun while kiting over peaks, hills and friendly slopes. The best wind direction is when coming from Northeast, East, Southwest and is consistent throughout winter with a speed of up to 17 knots/31.5 kph, creating the ideal conditions for speed and freestyle snow kiting.

Cota 2000 is a unique destination and home to the Winter Air Sports event that takes place on the mountain every year, gathering some of the best snow kiters, para-gliders and speed flyers of the country. Note that the cable lift stop at 5 pm and the chair lifts at 4 pm. There is no time restriction on how long you can stay on Cota 2000 and if you have your accommodation booked in Cota 1400, you can just ski or snowboard down the slope.

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Skydive Bucharest, Romania

Minimum age: 16 years old with the written consent of both parents, notarized. After 18 years old, parent’s consent is no longer necessary.

Maximum admitted weight of the passenger: 110 kg.

Good physical condition. It is important that the person who jumps does not have serious problems with the heart, ankles, legs, nausea and that s/he is not afraid of heights.

Necessary documents: ID card

Equipment: sport shoes and sport clothes.

Period: April – November (middle of Nov)

Days: Friday to Sunday (8:00 – Sunset)

Tandem jump (+ video & photos) € 252 

Tandem jump (+video) € 232 

Skydive Bucharest, Romania

We need you to tell us when you come to the drop zone for the jump so that we can arrange to welcome you in our great family. We will be prepared for you with tandem jump equipment, an instructor and the aircraft.

Because our activity is intense we need that you respect the reservation day and time. Choose your experience day!

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The first part of the session focuses on the quality and wind direction, safety rules, equipment checking and preparation. The second part takes place in water and includes piloting the kite by the student and maintaining it in fixed positions with two hands and one hand, re-launches the kite from the water, recall procedure using self-rescue method and using of safety systems.

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Kitesurfing Advance Course, Constanta
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A Private Lesson involves 1 IKO Instructor + 1 Student. A Semi-Private Lesson involves a maximum of 2 students per instructor with safety as the primary concern at our kiteboading school.

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